Congratulations to Helmut and Wellsmere Special Bewitched CD BN RE (Holly) on earning her Novice Rally title with a perfect score of 100.  She also got the first leg of her Novice Obedience title with a score of 198 out of 200.  This young lady and her owner make it look soooo easy!  

Holly is ranked #2 in the Top 15 First and Foremost System Dogs for 2019!!! The First and Foremost System Awards points based on any qualifying score in the open and Utility classes only.  In addition, Holly completed her UDX (Utility Dog Excellent) Championship in 2019 (the ultimate obedience title).  

Stella is currently enrolled in Nose Work class - a scent recognition activity which not only serves bomb, drug, and search identification but is becoming a popular sport activity.  One normally doesn't think of collies as scent dogs, as you can see, this is still another example of the versatility of the breed.  Stella is learning to indicate her recognition of a specific scent - in this case, sweet birch.  When she does, she is rewarded with a treat.  Using the same techniques, dogs like Stella can be taught to recognize an unlimited number scents.

More information about the National Association of Canine Scent Work can be found at NACSW.NET.  Stella's Nose Work classes are given at the Port Chester Obedience Training Club in White Plains, NY.

Wellsmere Golden Gloves (Rocky) in his first conformation class.  He was having so much fun he wagged his tail continuously!